7 Great Reasons Why Deriv Is The Best Forex Broker For South Africa 2024🚀

Deriv Is The Best Forex Broker For South Africans


There are a lot of forex brokers out there but Deriv has risen to the most popular broker in South Africa in recent years.

In this article, we are going to show you why Deriv is the best broker for South Africans currently. We will explain how Deriv's features and options are attractive for South African forex traders.



Reasons That Make Deriv The Best Forex Broker For South Africans

  1. Deriv Offers Flexible Methods To Move Funds Into & Out Of Traders' Accounts

    Deriv allows South African traders to instantly deposit and withdraw using local payment methods like e-wallet, Mukuru transfers and cash. This can be done via payment agents and the dp2p platform. No other broker allows you to do this at the moment in South Africa.

    Other brokers, on the other hand, mainly support funding options like Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Bank transfers and credit cards. These options are not easily accessible to the majority of South Africans. These other methods also take longer than the local payment methods that can be used on Deriv.

    Deriv 1 million traders

  2. You Can Trade On Deriv Without Verifying Your Account

    Account verification is an important process in the relationship between brokers and traders. However, the documents needed to verify a trading account like proof of residence may not be easy to get for most South Africans.

    This leaves a lot of local traders stranded as they cannot withdraw without verifying their accounts. Fortunately, Deriv has an option that accommodates South African forex traders.

    The broker allows local traders to open a real account, deposit and withdraw up to US$10 000 via payment agents without account verification. You can learn how to trade without verifying your account here.

    It is also easy to verify your Deriv account once you have the required documents.

  3. Deriv Is A Reliable Broker

    All the points stated above would not count for much if the broker was not reliable and trustworthy. Deriv is a regulated broker that has been in existence since 2000. It's trusted by over 2 million traders worldwide as a testimony of its reliability.

    The broker also has a great reputation amongst local traders

  4. Deriv Offers Forex, Binary Options, Synthetic Indices, Cryptocurrencies and Stock Trading

    Deriv offers a wide variety of trading instruments for South Africans. This makes it very convenient as one account can be used to trade in different ways. This is different from some brokers that offer either forex trading only or binary options trading only.

  5. Deriv Offers The Popular Synthetic Indices

    Synthetic Indices are unique to Deriv and they have become very popular amongst South African forex traders. Examples of the synthetic indices are Volatility 75, Crash & Boom and the Step Indices.

    These have a lot of advantages that have made them very attractive to South Africans. A lot of social media groups have been set to give signals about these volatility indices.

    You can read more about synthetic indices here.


  6. Deriv Allows South Africans To Make Money Outside Of Trading

    Deriv offers opportunities to make money without trading. There are two ways to do this.

    One way is to be a payment agent and make money by helping traders move money into and out of their trading accounts. You can learn more about how you can become a payment agent here.

    Another way that you can earn money on Deriv without trading is by becoming an affiliate partner. You will then refer people to trade on Deriv. This will allow you to earn a lifetime commission on the trades taken by your referred traders.

    You will be able to make passive income while you sleep. Becoming a Deriv affiliate partner is free and you can open an affiliate partner account here.

    You can also learn how to get more traders and increase your earnings as a Deriv affiliate here.

    Open A Deriv Affiliate Partner Account Here
  7. Deriv Has Low Minimum Deposits

    You can start trading on Deriv with as little as $5/ R70. This makes it easy to start by risking small amounts of money.

Conclusion On Deriv Being The Best Forex Broker For South Africans

We have shown you how Deriv is the best broker for South Africans offering convenient and South African-friendly options. No other broker offers the same advantages for South African traders at the moment.

Arguably the best feature that Deriv has that makes it the best for South Africans is its ability to accept local payment methods for deposits & withdrawals.

Open A Free Deriv.com Account Here

Tell us about your experience with Deriv.

Do you have any other broker that you think is good for South Africans? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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